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Wedding, portrait and event photographer serving Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and surrounding areas.

Select Prints Charming for your affordable wedding, portrait and even photography needs in Hampton Roads Virginia and surrounding areas. Each package includes fantastic services and quality images that are guaranteed to fill you with warm memories! Looking for affordable wedding photography and your wedding isn’t in Hampton Roads, no problem, we regularly provide affordable wedding photography and/or videography services to areas in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia including: Chesapeake, Gloucester County, Hampton, Isle of Wight County, James City County, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, York County, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Fairfax and Richmond. If you are planning your wedding in a location you didn't see listed... no worries... we can find an affordable solution for your special day!

Cathy Johnson, owner and operator of Prints Charming has been a Hampton Roads, Virginia Wedding Photographer since 1978. Cathy began her career with high school sports in Virginia Beach then moved onto Norfolk ODU college basketball programs. The photography skills Cathy possessed quickly brought her into the league of Hampton Roads, Virginia Wedding Photographer. Cathy travels to Roanoke, Virginia as the official Photographer & Videographer of the Miss Teen/Pre-Teen Pageant. Cathy also travels to New York City to cover the week long classes for Destination Broadway. Cathy serves as a Hampton Roads, Virginia Wedding Photographer covering the Hampton Roads area, where she has resided since 1971.